About SJR.Digital

So you want to know who we are and why you should trust us with your digital marketing, eh? Well, here goes…

SjR.Digital have provided an excellent, tailored service throughout, with clear communication and goal setting along the way
Duncan Mackellar - Velocity.aero

Who are we?

SJR Digital was set up in 2009 by Simon Reed, but until 2020, we were known as SJR Solutions.
We originally went with ‘solutions’ because that’s exactly what we provide. But when we rebranded, we decided that ‘digital’ made it more obvious what we do. Names aside, we’re basically a digital marketing agency that offers solutions – solutions that help you grow your business.
We’re a small team, based in Yorkshire, working with clients of all shapes, sizes and sectors. And we’re really excellent at what we do. Just ask our clients…

I have been using Simons social media expertise since summer 2018 - as an independent estate agent we have had our best quarter of the year surpassing last year. I will put this down to a great working relationship with Simon, his team and the ideas he brings to the party

Lester Hirst - Hunters Estate Agents Ilkley / Otley

Our purpose and values

Every business needs a purpose. After all, if you don’t know what you want to achieve, how can you work out how to achieve it? At SJR Digital, we have a clear purpose:

To provide digital marketing solutions that equip you with the right foundations to grow your business

  • Put trust first
  • Keep questioning
  • Be consistent in everything
  • Show good judgement
  • Make an impact

Big picture thinking.

Many marketing agencies are focused on getting results in terms of leads, bookings, sales and so on.

We’re focused on those things too, but we also look at how that will impact your business.

It’s no use us getting you hundreds of new enquiries if you don’t have the capacity to deal with those enquiries – if calls are going to go unanswered and emails unread. And there’s no point generating new sales if you can’t keep up with demand and have to refund half your customers.

So when we work with you on a marketing strategy, we help you align it with your overall business strategy, so that you can grow successfully at a realistic pace.

Why choose us?

That’s a great question!

It’s not like there’s a shortage of digital marketing agencies, and almost all of them promise great service and good results.

So how on earth do we convince you that we’re the right team?

Well, we could talk about how we can amplify your marketing or promote exponential levels of success, growth and profit.

But instead, we say give us a call and find out for yourself whether we’re right for you. You can see feedback from our clients here on our site. But the only way you can really be sure we’re a good fit is by getting to know us.

Because if you’re going to trust us to represent your business, you need to be sure we have your best interests at heart.

So if you think our values align with yours and we sound like the kind of people you want to work with, give us a call for a no-obligation chat about your marketing needs.

Getting Started

We’re not interested in selling you marketing packages you don’t need just so we can meet this month’s targets – we genuinely have your best interests in mind.

But we appreciate that every other marketing agency is saying pretty much the same thing and the only way we can prove we mean it is if you give us a chance. So get in touch and give us that chance.

There’s no cost for an initial chat about your marketing and absolutely no pressure to sign up to anything. It might be that we’re not right for you. But then again, it might be that we can help you triple your turnover in the next twelve months. And you’ll never know unless you say hello…