CRM DecisionPack

Do you feel frustrated and disorganised when it comes to scaling your business—losing deals and clients and missing opportunities because your customer management system isn’t efficient?

Are your staff continually duplicating work, miscommunicating with clients, or missing opportunities to keep in touch with clients, meaning they go elsewhere?

Maybe you’ve tried to implement one before or have one in place, but it’s either not fit for purpose or is far too advanced for what you need and is costing you a fortune.

The CRM DecisionPack is a completely bespoke solution to find the right CRM for your business. It includes:

  • Identifying your data and process requirements
  • Independently comparing your requirements to a range of possible CRMs currently on the market
  • Presenting you with the top three matches that fit your requirements
    This means you can make a decision as a team, meaning you achieve buy-in at source and the software will be used effectively
“Having the right CRM in my business has meant we can be proactive with new enquiries and close more deals. SJR.Digital supported us through the implementation process, ensuring that we got the best value from our choice.” – Mitchells of Mansfield