Enhancing Client Success: How SJR.Digital Supports Marketing Agencies with CRM Selection and Ongoing Use Support

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s very important for marketing agencies to ensure their customers use the right customer relationship management (CRM) solution. 

SJR.Digital knows how hard this process is and helps marketing agencies with everything they need. This blog post talks about how SJR.Digital helps agencies choose the right CRM and provides ongoing support for its use. This helps their clients improve their relationships with customers and grow their businesses.

Helping Companies Find the Right CRM: 

Marketing agencies can find it hard to choose the right CRM for their clients. SJR.Digital steps in as a trusted partner, guiding agencies through this process with expertise and close attention to detail. Here’s how we help agencies decide which CRM is best for their clients:

  1. Thorough Analysis: SJR.Digital starts by doing a thorough analysis of the needs, goals, and existing CRM strategies of the agency’s clients. We look at key metrics, customer data, and workflows to learn more about what they need.
  2. Customised Recommendations: SJR.Digital makes CRM recommendations for each of its clients based on an analysis of their goals. We look at scalability, the ability to work with other systems, automation features, and the needs of a certain industry to find the best CRM solutions. All our work is independent ensuring our suggested CRMs are best matches to requirements.
  3. Vendor Evaluation: SJR.Digital matches the end clients requirements against a database of selected CRM’s. We then provide the top three matches to allow the client to review and make the right choice.

Easy implementation and support for ongoing use:

Once the process of choosing a CRM is done, SJR.Digital continues to offer support for its use, making sure that its clients get the most out of their CRM investment. Here’s how we ensure a smooth implementation and provide ongoing support:

  1. Help with Implementation: SJR.Digital works with the agency’s team to make sure that the CRM implementation goes smoothly. We help with moving data, customising it, and integrating it with other systems, so that there are fewer problems and the CRM works better.
  2. Training and onboarding: Our experts run thorough training sessions to give the clients the skills they need to use the CRM effectively. We tailor training programs to suit various user levels, ensuring everyone understands the CRM’s features, reporting capabilities, and data management best practices.
  3. Continuous Optimisation: SJR.Digital is still a useful resource after the CRM was put in place. We provide ongoing support to end clients by helping with performance monitoring, data analysis, and iterative improvements to make sure that the CRM keeps up with changing business needs.


Marketing agencies face the complex task of selecting the right CRM for their clients and ensuring its effective use in driving customer relationships. SJR.Digital supports agencies every step of the way, providing guidance in CRM selection and ongoing use support for their end clients. With our expertise, agencies can confidently deliver their services knowing their clients are growth ready with the right systems in place.

Want to discuss how we can help your business support your clients? contact us on simon.reed@sjr.digital or call 07554000806

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