LinkedIn Advertising

...get in front of the right people

SJR.Digital implemented a LinkedIn Advertising strategy which massively increased our click through rate and in turn grew our conversion rate. I would highly recommend Simon and his team to any business wanting to develop an effective growth strategy through linkedIn
Andy Young - Skeleton Productions

Be visible to your ideal clients

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform, making it the ideal place to get in front of business owners and decision-makers. And while there’s lots you can achieve with your organic posts, LinkedIn Advertising will give you that extra boost in visibility.
Get seen by the people you want to do business with on the platform where business gets done.

LinkedIn Advertising Done Right

LinkedIn offers several options for advertising – sponsored ads, message ads, text ads, and dynamic ads. Different ads help you achieve different objectives, whether they are focused on awareness, consideration, conversion, or all three.
And don’t panic if you aren’t sure what your objectives are or what type of ads you need. Our expert team will help you develop a campaign strategy that is right for your business, whatever stage you’re at and whatever your budget.

The Benefits of
LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads get your messages in front of the people you want to do business with.

• Select different ad formats to meet your objectives and budget
• Choose from 20 audience attributes to target the right people
• See exactly who is clicking on your ads
• Improve conversions at every stage of your sales cycle

Planning your Ads

The first step is understanding your target audience and your sales process so we can plan a campaign that will get results.
We work with you to create the right type of ads with relevant messages, concise wording, and clear call to actions to help you achieve your objectives. Those objectives could be to increase website traffic, drive engagement, get video views or generate leads.

Getting seen

Once we’ve planned your ads, we take care of all the fiddly tech stuff involved in getting your ad campaigns up and running.
But it’s not a case of up and done – we track your ads to ensure they are getting seen by the right people. And if they aren’t, we tweak and refine them to maximise your return on investment.

Measuring your results

Our goal is to get you the best return we can on your ad spend, so we don’t simply let your ads run in the background while we twiddle our thumbs.
Instead, we review the data, analyse the ad performance and make the changes needed to ensure the best results. And, because we are big fans of transparency, we keep you in the loop with everything we are doing so you can see exactly how your ads are working for you.

Getting Started

Whether you’ve been considering LinkedIn ads for a while or simply want to learn more about how they work, we want to hear from you.
We won’t try and convince you LinkedIn advertising is the right route for you if we don’t genuinely believe it is. And even then, there’s no pressure to go ahead with our suggestions; after all, you might not like what we’ve got to say.
Then again, what we say could be absolute genius, and you’ll never know unless you get in touch.
So what are you waiting for? Contact our friendly team to discover whether LinkedIn advertising can work for you.