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Pay Per Click – PPC. It’s only for big businesses with big budgets, right? Wrong!

Paid search can be a fantastic way of getting in front of people who are searching for exactly what you sell. Plus, if you select the right keywords at the right price, it can actually generate excellent returns, even if you aren’t a big-budget business. And the good news is SJR can show you how…

Paid Search Done Right

Several elements go into planning an effective paid search campaign. Choosing the right keywords is vital, but just as important is letting search engines know which ones to ignore. Then you need to create attractive ads – there’s no point getting that top spot if nobody clicks through. But you don’t want everyone to click through, just the right people. So your ads need to be compelling enough to get clicks but repelling enough to put off the timewasters.

Confused? Don’t worry, we take care of everything for you to make sure those clicks turn into customers.

The Benefits of Paid Search

It all starts with a plan

There’s no point paying £100 per click if your product is only £10 – that’s just ludicrous. That’s why we start by understanding your business to make sure paid search is the right route for you. Then we can work out the best way to utilise your budget and maximise the return on your ad spend.

Keywords are key

The clue’s in the name – it’s all about keywords. But as we mentioned earlier, paid search isn’t just about choosing the ones you want to appear for. It’s about letting the search engines know which ones you don’t want to rank for. Because if you sell luxury handmade rugs, you probably don’t want to come up in searches for ‘cheap carpets’.

Choosing your channel

While Google AdWords is the most popular route for paid search, it’s not the only option. We can help you get found on other search engines too.

Plus, we can take care of all your paid social media advertising.

Test and measure

It’s the marketing mantra – test and measure. But it’s so important when it comes to paid search. Our goal is to get you the best return on investment we possibly can, so we continually review every click to make sure we’re delivering on our promise. And of course, we’ll keep you fully updated.

Getting Started

As with all our services, the first step is for you to get in touch so we can have a chat about what you need. 

Our goal is to help you grow your business in a way that’s right for you, and we’ll always be honest about which marketing activities will get you the best results. 

So whether you are 100% confident that paid search is what you need, or you have no idea how online advertising even works, give us a call. We promise not to bamboozle you with marketing jargon – just friendly, straightforward advice.