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Welcome to our CRM Calculator, where you can uncover the hidden potential of using a CRM in your business with just a few clicks.

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Our CRM Calculator considers key metrics such as hours spent on administrative tasks, conversion rates, churn rates, average sale value, and current number of sales to provide you with a clear understanding of the potential benefits of implementing a CRM system. From increased efficiency to higher sales revenue, our calculator reveals the tangible advantages awaiting your business.

Simply complete the fields and hit calculate to see the benefits a CRM could potentially provide your business from day one.

CRM Calculator

CRM Calculator

Potential Benefits Per Month:

Admin Time Saved: 0

Revenue Increase: £0.00

Customer Retention Benefit: £0.00

Total Benefits: £0.00

Potential New Sales Per Month:

New Sales: 0

New Revenue: £0.00

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