The CRM Club

99% of businesses would benefit from a CRM but nearly 70% of who have a CRM FAIL to maximise it’s use.

The CRM Club provides the support and information you need to get a CRM working.

The CRM Club is an exclusive community and support facility that provides all you need to implement, develop and maximise the use of your CRM system. Whether you are looking for a new CRM or want to maximise how you use it we support you in getting the most from your chosen solution. Many businesses choose a CRM based on how it looks and not how it matches your data.

We provide the support you need to get everything working right for you. With Actions and Tips on best practices, The CRM Club gives you the support your business needs. There’s no contract, no hard sell, just a support community to help you to get the most from your CRM.

Having the right CRM in my business has meant we can be proactive with new enquiries and close more deals. The CRM Club by SJR.Digital supported us through the implementation process, ensuring that we got the best value from our choice.

*price per person, VAT applicable

The CRM Club – Maximising your ROI

A community made up of CRM Users, CRM provider support and a CRM Club Team with over 20 years of CRM Implementation Experience.

What You Get with The CRM Club

  • Support with getting the most from your CRM.
  • A community of fellow CRM users to support and network with.
  • Weekly topics that maximise the use of your CRM.
  • Regular articles/blogs on CRMs and their use.
  • Latest update news from your CRM.
  • Hints and tips on best practices.
  • Live monthly community project meeting.
  • CRM club support (if you have a question just ask).
  • Exclusive offers from your CRM provider.
  • What’s on in the world of CRM.
  • Video updates with The CRM Club TV.
  • Full guides on how to choose and Implement the best CRM for your business.

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Maximise the Use of Your CRM

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Best Value
Monthly Actions and tips from our experts.
Access to The CRM Club Community.
Weekly CRM discussions.
CRM blogs.
CRM News.
Your CRMs Actions and Tips group.
Live monthly project meeting.
CRM Club Support.
Exclusive offers from your CRM supplier.
What’s on (events and training).
CRM club TV,
How to choose your perfect CRM email course.
How to implement your CRM email course.
CRM support videos and documentation.
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*price per person, VAT applicable

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